I would like to be president, will you vote for me?

Unlike most, I am proud and excited about the United States, NOW. I believe we ARE a great country. We are the greatest country and things are going well for us. The struggles we share today, in the past and still to come, only create more greatness and strength. Times often seem worse than they should be but strength, purpose and meaning come out of struggle. I know no one who says things are great at the time they made the comment, it is always hindsight that we admire. I refuse to look back as a way to morn what I do not have, I believe everyday America exist, is another day we exceed the expectation of every nay-sayer, crook, dictator, oligopoly or power that thinks it knows better than the people it rules. We are America, we are the greatest country that has ever existed, and we fight like no other people because we are a country of THE PEOPLE. It is never possible to defeat a foe that fights as one for themselves. This is our greatest strength and are greatest power over all. We do not fight for a king, for a party, for a president. We are unbeatable and everlasting because we fight for ourselves, for us, THE PEOPLE.

I want to be President. It is the only job in the United States guaranteed to bring great frustration, enormous pain, and early death to me. I want to be President because I want to say what needs to be said. I do not believe I will be able to do all that is great or live up to any specific expectations. I will not be able to move congress or make massive shifts in government. To be frank, I don’t want to. We have great roads, great courts and police, the best military, the best science. I want to tell the truth as I see. I want to be in a position that makes people take a moment to hear truth. Not religious, scientific or abstract truth. Just the perspective of what is smart. My platform is one of Smarts. I am going to say what I think is the smart thing to do. I am going to listen to what others think is the smart thing to do. I want to debate what the smart thing to do is. I want people to start arguing, discussing, debating, conversing and negotiating what are the SMART things to do. This is Smart democracy

Vote for me and I promise only one thing; I promise to always ask what is the smartest thing I could do, then once convinced, to do it.

Below are my areas of smart government:

  1. Effective government
  2. Intelligent taxation
  3. Separation of Church and State
  4. Protection of the people

Almost everything a smart government should do, can be summarized in the list above.  I will work on defining each over the next couple months.  I look to you for input how to Sartly define each to give focus and direction to the difficult task of our government.

I am a United States Citizen and I am proud today!

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